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Stormwater Forecast was created specifically to support stormwater professionals in their water quality protection activities and regulatory compliance documentation.

1. Setup Alerts

Configure locations and thresholds for alerts.

2. Get Notified

Get email notification of forecast rainfall event.

3. Take Action!

Update documentation and start rainfall event action plan.

This service automates email notifications of current U.S. National Weather Service forecasts. Users can configure alerts of precipitation depth and probability forecasts for specific locations and thresholds.

The forecast information is potentially useful for many applications where stormwater runoff and wet weather affects the environment, human health, and outdoor activities. Specific applications include water quality sampling, rain event action plans, and documentation of monitoring as required for regulatory compliance.

Established in 1992, Vieux & Associates, Inc. (Vieux, Inc.) provides tools and services for stormwater, wet weather, radar hydrology, and water resources applications. We use a direct feed of National Weather Service data to provide value-added services. We also develop and deploy cutting edge technologies like gauge-adjusted radar rainfall and distributed hydrologic modeling software. Learn more about our software and services at www.vieuxinc.com.

Cantata Software LLC, a California company, is our technology partner in the development of Stormwater Forecast.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in delivery of hydrologic information services. We actively participate in the following professional organizations:

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